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6 Pillars of an Effective Program

6 Pillars of an Effective Program

In general, the "What's the Return on Employee Wellness Programs?" study from Harvard in 2010 laid out 6 pillars for an effective employee wellness program.

  1. Multilevel Leadership
    Creating a culture of health takes passionate, persistent, and persuasive leadership at all levels - from the C-suite to middle managers to the people who have "wellness" in their job descriptions.
  2. Alignment
    A wellness program should be a natural extension of a firm's identity and aspirations. Don't forget that a cultural shift takes time.
  3. Scope, Relevance, and Quality
    Wellness programs must be comprehensive, engaging and just plain excellent. Otherwise, employees won't participate.
  4. Accessibility
    Aim to make low- or no-cost services a priority. True on-site integration is essential because convenience matters.
  5. Partnerships
    Active, ongoing collaboration with internal and external partners, including vendors, can provide a program with some of its essential components and many of its desirable enhancements.
  6. Communications
    Wellness is not just a mission-it's a message. How you deliver it can make all the difference. Sensitivity, creativity and media diversity are the cornerstones.