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Employee Participation Rates

Employee Participation Rates

RAND 2013

Employee Participation Rates

Punishing for Not Participating

Some companies are even financially punishing employees for not participating in employee wellness programs. (Source: Coming soon to a workplace near you: 'wellness or else' By Sharon Begley, New York, Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:04am EST, via Reuters)

At Honeywell International, for instance, employees who decline company-specified medical screenings pay $500 more a year in premiums and lose out on a company contribution of $250 to $1,500 a year (depending on salary and spousal coverage) to defray out-of-pocket costs.

Consider Jill, who asked that her name not be used for fear of retaliation from the company. A few years ago, her employer, Lockheed Martin, provided hundreds of dollars per year to each worker to help defray insurance deductibles. Since it implemented its new wellness program, workers must now earn that contribution by, among other things, quitting smoking (something non-smokers can't do) and racking up steps on a company-supplied pedometer.

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