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How a Vibration Trainer Works

How a Vibration Trainer Works

This video will show you how a vibration trainer works. For more information on vibration training, check out our other videos.

Please read these health and safety precautions before starting any exercise

Equipment Requirements:

  1. Vibration Trainer

    1. View our full line of vibration trainers

See below for more information. 

Videography by: Twisted Pair Productions

Be sure to check out our other videos for more exercises like core, arm and leg workouts on a vibration trainer.

Trainers: Clint Pratch and Nadine Robins

How a vibration trainer works:

  1. About
    1. - Vibration training is performing exercises, holding positions, or stretching while the entire body is being vibrated by a machine or "vibration trainer"
    2. - Vibration causes your muscles to either passively active or active to stabilize, which is great for maintaining balance
    3. - The vibration causes more muscles to be enacted at once – to stabilise the body – than would the same exercise being performed on the unmoving floor
    4. - Some vibration trainers vibrate laterally while others horizontally, with some doing both
      1. Frequency – or speed
        1. Is how many repetitions or oscillations the platform completes during a one-second cycle. In theory, the higher the frequency, the greater the load placed on the muscles and bones
        2. Frequency is measured in hertz, and frequency in commercially available platforms usually ranges from 14 to 60 Hz
      2. Amplitude – or height or width
        1. Determines platform’s range of motion—how far it moves in any direction. The higher the amplitude, the greater the movement of the platform and the greater the intensity of a workout
        2. Amplitude ranges from 3-10 mm
  2. Benefits of vibration training
    1. - Enact more muscles at once since the body tries to stabilise itself, thus increasing productivity within an exercise time frame
    2. - Warm-up the body quicker – increased blood flow – than riding an exercise bike (as an example), because of increased blood circulation from multi-muscle stimulation
    3. - Increased blood flow also increases oxygen levels in the blood stimulating the mind and quickening body repair and toxin removal
    4. - Quicken ability to stretch further  because of increased blood circulation from multi-muscle stimulation
    5. - Great for lower back health – it stimulates the muscle in your lower back. It passively actives the area, which stimulates healing

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