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How to do Bench Press with a Barbell

How to do Bench Press with a Barbell

This video will show you how to properly do a bench press with barbells. For more information on strength training, check out our Strength articles.

Please read these health and safety precautions before starting any exercise.

This exercise targets these muscles:

  1. Major - Chest or "Pecs"
  2. Minor – Shoulders and Triceps

Equipment Requirements:

  1. Barbell with weights
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  2. Olympic Weight bench
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See below for more information, including modifications.

Videography by: Twisted Pair Productions

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Trainers: Clint Pratch and Brad Provick

How to do a bench press with barbells:

  1. Body position
    1. Lay flat on the bench
    2. Feet can either be firmly on floor or on the end of the bench
    3. Palms of hands facing towards your feet
    4. Grip should have hands slightly wider than shoulder-width (weights should just touch your chest)
  2. Movement form
    1. Lower weight slowly in a controlled manner (2-seconds), while breathing in
    2. Stop when bar lightly touches bottom of chest muscles - your arm and forearms will be creating a 90o angle bench press barbell
    3. Push weight straight up from chest in a controlled manner (2-seconds), while breathing out, keep back flat and touching bench, focus on squeezing chest muscles together
    4. Pause at top (1-second) with arms locked in place bench press barbell
    5. Repeat

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