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How to Use an Upright Bike

This video will show you how to properly use an upright bike. For more information on cardio training, check out our Cardio articles.

Please read these health and safety precautions before starting any exercise.

There are 2 ways to start using the bike and its programs:

  • 1 - User profiles
    • Select your user profile
    • This allows you to track all your data, how often you use the bike, calories burned, distance biked etc.
    • You enter in your gender, height and weight …. This gives you more feedback so you’ll keep at your workout
  • 2 - Manual
    • The programs start automatically, and you can adjust resistance by pressing the up and down arrows keys to make it harder or easier
    • Time will usually count up, same with distance and calories burned


  • Programs are good for motivational purposes, they show you where you’ve been and where you came from
    • The bike will change the resistance for you, either increase or decrease like you’re going up a hill
    • Most programs have a set time or set distance
  • You also burn about 20% more calories with a program, it forces you to work harder
  • Remember to occasionally check your heart rate to see if you’re working out hard enough or not enough


At Flaman Fitness, we want to help you reach your goals and today’s the day you can start.

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