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Human Resources Improvements

Human Resources Improvements

Fitness also has a positive effect on human resources.

  1. Voluntary turnover levels are almost half the rate of others (i.e., 5.3% instead of 10%)
  2. Employers see shorter disability durations (25 fewer lost workdays per 100 covered employees per year)
  3. 2% fewer cases of short-term disability

Source: Towers Watson "2013/2014 Staying@Work Report" Canada

The Sun Life-Ivey Canadian Wellness ROI Study found these results about companies that invested in fitness for their employees.

  1. 51% have experienced improved employee morale
  2. 40% have seen reduced absenteeism
  3. 36% have received positive feedback from employees
  4. 30% have witnessed improved productivity
  5. 23% have experienced improved employee retention

The Sun Life Buffet National Wellness Survey, 2011 found that:

  1. "97% of leaders agree that employee health is directly related to corporate success."