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It’s Never Easy

It’s Never Easy

Getting in shape, whatever your goal is, is never “easy” but it can be simple. The ads that say something is easy are:

  • Insulting to those currently making an effort;
  • Wasting the time and willpower of those wanting to make changes;
  • Intentionally misleading to people wanting to change their lives – the eventual failure is emotionally and spiritually damaging to people who may already have a fragile self-esteem.

Remember, exercise has a bonus plan that nutrition does not: the more you get into shape, the more you can do, and then the even more you can do to get into better shape.

Focus on Goals

It’s important for you to set specific and attainable goals for yourself. This is the best way to focus your efforts and see results.

“I will walk 20-blocks today” is a goal.

“I’m going to lose weight or get fit” is a hope – a distant item.

Goals can regularly have a checkmark beside them – they are an action. Hopes get a big checkmark in a year or so – they are a result. If you’re checking off goals as you go, you will feel like you have accomplished something and will be more motivated to keep going. If you concentrate on the actions, the results will follow.

This concept above is from Dr. Yoni Freedhoff of the Bariatric Medical Institute.