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Keys To Success

Keys To Success

Incorporating best practices - such as needs assessments, frequent program evaluations and capturing baseline data (Source: Sun-Life Buffet)


From Sun Life Buffet:

  1. 87% of organizations do not measure the health status of the majority of their employees, leaving many unaware of the risks they may be facing, and the necessary response.
  2. For example, blood pressure screening and smoking cessation programs are offered by 5% of employers despite 19% and 18% of employers respectively recognizing this as a major employee health risk.

Successful employee wellness programs should have:

  1. Senior corporate person involved and promoting
  2. Fitness education - why, plus what to do and eat
  3. Systems of measurements and goals
  4. Incentives - bonuses for obtaining (or in some cases maintaining) goals
  5. Gift cards
  6. Pay-off portion or all of fitness equipment or gym memberships
  7. Extra vacation time
  8. Time away from work - on companies' dime - to workout
  9. Internal challenges
  10. Switch employee drinking events for something more active and perhaps family orientated
  11. Corporate in-house gym, corporate gym memberships, and/or employee fitness equipment purchase plans
  12. Give the program a name and provide corporate updates to employees
Keys To Success