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Setting Goals

Setting Goals

What do you want to do?

This section is designed to help you decide what your goals are, so you can then decide the best things to do (or not do) to achieve them.

Consider this your journey into fitness: some of you know what street address you want to get to, while others know the type of scenery you want to see. When deciding what to do along your fitness journey, clarify what your goals are, then pick (1) the most efficient route and (2) decide how you will get there, including mode of transport and luggage.

By efficient route, we mean choose the exercises or activities that are proven to primarily achieve your goals; some are better suited or more focused on one goal than another.

Decide what you want to do – just because a program, exercises or activities might be proven to be "the best," if you stop doing it after a few sessions, then it is not the best for you. The best for you is something you will actually do and that will achieve your goals efficiently. Consider this “what to pack for your trip” and don’t take too much, you might get tired and quit.

Types of Fitness Goals

What kind of goal do you want to set for yourself? The only “right” answer to this, is in your own mind. Imagine a fitness commercial you are staring in – what are you doing, what are you wearing, who is there, who is watching, who is not there, and most importantly, are you smiling? You don’t need to plan the exact route right now, but you need to start in the right direction.

There are 4 possible types of fitness goals – you may have one or more of them:

  1. Feel better about yourself
  2. Lose weight or reveal a muscle you have through fat loss (i.e. see your stomach muscles or abs)
  3. Build a muscle(s) you want (i.e. round up your butt, build your arms, round your shoulders)
  4. Make your body do something better (i.e. heart, lungs, speed, endurance)