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The Truth About Fat Loss

The Truth About Fat Loss

Despite what anyone tells you, you can't target fat loss areas. You can't do an exercise that will burn fat solely from your stomach and leave fat on your behind. That would be like pulling the plug in the sink full of water and hoping the water only drains from the left side.

Great abs are more about weight loss than sit-ups or crunches. If you can sit-up straight in a chair, your already have great abs. If you can't see them, this is almost exclusively about you needing to lose the fat hiding those abs - so eat better or less and burn some calories by walking or running - these will help a lot more than doing sit-ups or crunches.

Size Matters

What you weigh and what you are doing can make a huge difference on how many calories you burn by doing something. Consider this:

  • A 195 pound person running 60-minutes at 6 mph = 930 calories burned
  • A 125 pound person doing the same = 530 calories burned
  • A 400 pound person doing the same = 1,410 calories burned
  • The faster you run, the proportionately more calories you burn.

So, a 200 lb person eating the same amount of food and doing the same amount of exercise as a 100 pound person may not gain weight, while the 100 pounds person might (depending on how much they eat).

The type of equipment you use also plays a factor. A treadmill can burn more calories than a bike, since you are supporting and launching your body weight when running. However, gym machine settings can be adjusted to compensate for this.