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Tracking Workouts

Tracking Workouts

Tracking your workouts (either through a program on your equipment or manually by taking notes) has many benefits. Knowing what you've done will:

  1. Keep you focused on your goal
  2. Remind you of what to do next
  3. Keep you motivated on the days you feel like you've accomplished nothing

There are various aspects of your workout that you can track, such as:

  1. Progress you've made (weight loss, increasing weights lifted, other goals reached)
  2. How you feel when you work out (are you more motivated, do you have more energy?)
  3. Distances you've walked or run
  4. Time of your workout
  5. Durations
  6. Amounts (reps, weights lifted, intervals)


Reps - Short for repetitions. These are the number of times you do 1-exercise in a row, without a break

Set - Is a group of reps. For example: '3-sets of 10-reps' - an exercise movement 10 times, then rest, then 10 times, then rest, then 10 times.

How You Feel

Sometimes the best measure of your goals is not in the numbers but in more intangible things like how you feel after a workout, personal achievement and being happy with what you see in the mirror.

However, some days you may "feel" like you accomplished nothing or are getting nowhere, so tracking your workouts and your results (see the other articles in this section) may give you the tangible results to prove otherwise.