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Weights to Lose Weight

Weights to Lose Weight

It's a proven fact that muscles need energy to work. Logically, the more muscle you have, the more energy you burn. The second tier to this is if you do interval weight training (lift weights in a certain format called intervals) it increases EPOC, or Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption. When your body is in EPOC, your metabolism increases. Higher metabolic rate means higher caloric burn. This increase in EPOC can maintain that higher metabolism for up to 8 hours after your workout! To compare, cardio will keep your metabolism pumping for about 20 minutes post workout. That means, by doing medium-high intensity interval weight training, it will be like your body is working out for up to 8 hours in addition to your workout.

The reason your body continues to work after your workout is two-fold:

  1. Strength workouts create natural byproducts in your muscles so your body's response is to keep your blood pumping to carry away toxins like lactic acid and carbon dioxide out of the muscle.
  2. Your muscle has been torn and needs to be repaired. The heart keeps pumping to carry nutrient rich blood to the muscle so it can repair itself and grow bigger and stronger.

It's a constant cycle of your body working hard to repair and grow the muscle and then continuing to work hard to feed the bigger muscle. The result is a higher calorie burn each day and consequently weight loss, if your nutrition plan is designed properly.